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    Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd.

    Cannabis Canada Association is actively seeking new members to join our Association.

    Full Membership

    All Licensed Producers under the ACMPR by Health Canada, who are authorized to produce and/or sell to the public, are eligible to become Full Members.

    If your company is a Licensed Producer, please contact executivedirector@cann-can.ca to speak further about the association’s mission, membership benefits, obligations, dues and more.

    Strict observance of the Cannabis Canada Association Code of Conduct is fundamental to the association’s activity and reputation. It is essential that all members, employees, volunteers and any other third party service provider in direct or indirect contact with our clients adhere to this Code.

    Cannabis Canada Association management has the responsibility of ensuring compliance with all Codes and policies of Cannabis Canada Association.

    General Membership

    Cannabis Canada Association membership is now open to embrace a wider range of stakeholders. General Membership is now available to organizations other than Licensed Producers in the following categories: Associate Members, Partners, Sponsors and Donors. By working together, we can focus on continuously improving the regulated cannabis industry for Canadians. To apply, download and fill out PDF’s and mail to executivedirector@cann-can.ca.

    General Membership Options

    Associate Members

    $3,000 annual fee*

    Are you an applicant to Health Canada with an affirmation e-mail from Health Canada? Are you a clinic of health professionals? Are you a consultant for applicants / licensed producers? Benefits include:

    • public recognition on Cannabis Canada’s website;
    • newsletter;
    • committee meetings by topic twice a year by conference call for general discussion and feedback brought to Board for consideration;
    • applicable fee reductions / participation in membership activities; and,
    • invitation to attend any social activity at AGM.


    $1,000 annual fee*

    Could you potentially be providing services / products to licensed producers? Benefits include:

    • public recognition on Cannabis Canada’s website;
    • newsletter; and,
    • invitation to attend any social activity at AGM.
    Note: Only Full Members will be allowed participation in Health Canada meetings and attendance with a vote at the Annual General Meeting. Membership will not be extended to groups / individuals who do not meet the requirements under the ACMPR. * including HST

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