• Monday March 19, 2018

    Cannabis Canada Association Comments on Summary of Comments from Cannabis Regulatory Consultations

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    OTTAWA, ONTARIO – March 19 th, 2018 – Health Canada today released a report that summarizes the feedback from its consultations on the proposed regulatory approach to cannabis. The Cannabis Canada Association (“Cannabis Canada”) is concerned that some of the proposed regulatory requirements set forth for product labelling and packaging are overly proscriptive and will hinder the shared goals of keeping profits out of the hands of organised crime and cannabis away from kids.

    “As we move toward the introduction of a legal, highly regulated marketplace for the adult consumer use of cannabis, it is vital that we allow licenced producers to clearly and responsibly differentiate their products to adult consumers”, said Allan Rewak, Acting Executive Director of Cannabis Canada. “The packaging requirements proposed today will work against that goal”, added Rewak.

    While Cannabis Canada supports many of the summary recommendations, such as tamper resistant packaging, the limitations on brand and logo placement will hinder the continued development of a responsible legal industry in Canada.

    “After over 90 years of prohibition, adult consumers are going to need help in understanding the difference between cannabis produced by different companies. The best way to do that is responsible branding”, said Neil Closner, Cannabis Canada Board Chair. “We’re fearful that the proposed rules shared today will leave many consumers confused and as a result they may turn to what they know, which is the black market”, added Closner.

    Moving forward, Cannabis Canada is committed to working with the Government of Canada and the cannabis community to find the right balance in regard to packaging and labelling requirements.

    About Cannabis Canada Association

    Cannabis Canada is the leading organization of Canada’s Licensed Producers of Medical Cannabis under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

    The Association’s mission is to act as the national voice for our members in their promotion of industry standards; support the development, growth and integrity of the regulated cannabis industry; and serve as an important resource on issues related to the safe and responsible use of cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes.

    Members of Cannabis Canada share a philosophy of both patient-centric care and improved public health, and are committed to product safety and quality, secure and reliable access and the promotion of the safe and healthful use of cannabis.

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